Protect the interior of your building during roofing or construction work

Why run the risk of having roofing work impact the interior of your building?

  • Are you here because you’ve heard horror stories of roofing jobs which resulted in debris or contamination entering a building?
  • Maybe you heard about a grocery store which had to ditch all of its goods, or a sporting goods store which spent over $250,000 having every item and every inch of the store cleaned and sanitized?
  • Or perhaps you’re just concerned, as a responsible business owner or executive, about your employees’ health and safety, and you don’t like the idea of a WHIMIS, WSIB, or employment claim against your company?

No matter which case it is, BPS is in the business of securing the interior of your buildings so that you don’t have to worry, and a roofing job – whether a smaller fix, or a full roof replacement – is just part of doing business, rather than a huge headache which affects your everyday operations.

While our core business is protective tarping (or ceiling containment – whichever term you prefer!), we assist our clients with anything it takes to protect their buildings, whether owned or leased.

Check out our certifications and affiliations, and if you have more than one building, ask us about how you can save on building protection solutions!

Our Services

  • Interior protection and dust containment services
  • Construction barriers
  • High structure cleaning
  • Water leak diverting system
  • Temporary suspended cover
  • Dust containment walls
  • Exterior walls/barriers
  • Custom applications for interior protection
  • Suspended ceilings

$1000 Cash for You

Have you ever been frustrated by having a need, knowing you’re going to spend money on a solution, but people just don’t respond promptly? Ya, us too. That’s why we offer a $1000 CASH guarantee* to provide you with a quote within 3 hours of you submitting a quote request. If we don’t respond as promised, you get $1000 CASH*. So go fill out a quote form now!

Who doesn’t love videos?

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Memberships and Certifications

We and our services partners are proud to maintain memberships and certifications with these and other industry associations: