$1000 CASH for You

This part of our website is really simple, and we hope you’ll appreciate it.

We feel like there’s very little “service” in the construction, trades, and property industries, so we’ve created a cash-backed guarantee.

Here’s how it goes:

You provide us with the information we need in order to prepare an interior building protection quote, and we commit to sending you a quote within 3 hours.

If we don’t meet that timing commitment, we’ll pay you $1000 CASH*!

*As with any warranty or guarantee program, we need to spell out the terms and conditions of our guarantee:

1. All necessary information to quote properly must be received by BPS via email or phone.

2. In order for the $1000 CASH to be paid out, the follow must occur, first:

a. The client must engage BPS or its service partners to perform the work which was quoted.
b. BPS or its service partners must perform the work which was quote.
c. BPS or its services partners must have their invoices for the work paid in full.

3. You get a personal delivery of 10 BIG. BROWN. BILLS (the $100 variety) within 24 hours of the invoiced amounts being paid in full by you or your company (or we can e-transfer it to you instead!).