BPS is the result of two seasoned businesspeople, with a background in manufacturing, construction, and Real Estate, who came together to modernize the service offerings of interior building protection.

These services are primarily to protect from the debris and contamination which result when construction or roofing work is being performed.

Todd Grierson



With a career spanning 25 years, Todd brings expertise across operations, procurement, sales, marketing, leadership and strategic planning.

In 1999, Todd purchased Elmira Poultry with a bold vision and strategic plan for growth. He grew sales from $29 million in 1999 to $50 million in 2006 and sold before selling it at a premium.

Facility management and building component maintenance fell under his purview, which is how he learned first-hand how important it is to respect buildings, as well as to plan out work on buildings very carefully so as to not negatively impact operations inside them.

Today, Todd is a consultant providing leadership and guidance to growing companies.

Claude Boiron



Claude grew up in a Real Estate family, often accompanying his father to their industrial buildings for visits with tenants, contractors, and suppliers. Many of his teenage year weekends were spent on a commercial roof, or underneath one, on a scissor lift, ladder, or cherry picker, servicing equipment, or assisting with construction and renovation projects.

Claude has spent the past two decades in the Commercial Real Estate brokerage and education worlds. He assists buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords with their searches and transactions, continues to teach the course he developed on Commercial Real Estate Investing at the University of Toronto, and is the author of two books on Real Estate. Claude enjoys the service aspect of his various businesses, and is always keen to create a win-win formula.